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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday: In Création Paris

Trompe l'oeil is having a Bit of a Moment. Wallpapers that look like photographs are now a bit of a thing and not in a theme pub kind of way. They've got classy. The trend really started taking off with Piet Hein Eek's scrapwood and Young & Battaglia's Chesterfield (YUM) but now In Création Paris have gone that little step further. And I like it.

The thing that I love about In Création Paris' work is that they mainly depict outside. And not any kind of classy images. They're rough, they're a bit scruffy, they're actually not all that pretty.

And yet, in a different context they work beautifully. This rusty red wall would look gorgeous in the right room (although I'm fairly sure that's not my living room).

See? They're gorgeous. OK, this one is a little theme pub feature wall, but it's a lot more elegant than most. I'd like to live here, please.

Old box shelves in a warehouse are suddenly exactly what I want in my flat. In my head I've suddenly moved to that amazing warehouse where those cool kids in Aussie teen drama Heartbreak High lived (THEY NEVER ONCE HAD A GAS BILL). This wallpaper is very industrial high school - I wear all the hats and kiss boys - chic.

I've digressed. But only because I don't want to tell you that the wallpaper starts at £250 for one wall (thanks, Wall-Libary). Those Heartbreak High kids with their secret millions could probably afford it. I, sadly, cannot.


  1. Hold on - WHY were they living in that warehouse? I never questioned it at the time.


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