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Friday 2 September 2011

Beautiful Brollies

I'm writing this with a great big woolly jumper on, and we're barely out of August. Someone needs to have a word with the British Summer. Yes, the nights are racing in, the clouds have become a permanent feature, and the duvet is looking ever more inviting - but it's alright, because I have consoled myself by doing a bit of brolly-shopping.

I heart umbrellas. They may blow inside out sometimes and make me look like a soggy, sweary mentalist, but by golly do brollies make being in the rain a more adorable experience.

Here are some of my faves. I'm trying very hard not to buy all three.

Firstly, take a gander at this Orla Kiely beauty from Brollies Galore for £32 (with free delivery - hooray!) Birdcage umbrellas are popping up everywhere at the moment, and this is the cutest one I've found. The little flowers are so bright you can cling on to the notion of Summer even when it's tipping it down before we've even noticed it's September.

Yes, this is ridiculously girly. But who couldn't skip down the street with this frilly fuchsia brolly from Bouf? I love the detail on the handle too. It's £20.

This Rob Ryan Rainy Day umbrella has got it spot on if you ask me. It reads 'And you face a rainy day with a smile not a frown', and that amount of cheerfulness is highly likely to make me want to jump in puddles. It's from The Contemporary Home for £17.99.


  1. I must have that Orla Kiely brolly. MUST HAVE.

  2. Not often I prefer Orla Kiely to Rob Ryan, but in this case...


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