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Friday 2 September 2011

Etsy Pick: The Sweet Unfolding

I find that even the dreariest days are lifted by a good warming quotation, and The Sweet Unfolding on Etsy seem determined to supply a gorgeous way to communicate them with anyone you like. It's not just the sweet, uplifting words they've selected for their products - they're also encapsulated in gorgeous designs.

This wall print is my favourite offering from their shop: I want this on my bedroom wall so that every day when I wake up I can ask myself that very same question. I also love the way it's surrounded by a vintage French map of Europe: not only very pretty, but a way to remind myself that this 'wonderful and precious life' can take me literally anywhere. That's a pretty nice thought for first thing in the morning. It's $18 (about £11.41) with an extra £4.41 for shipping.

I'm a silly romantic at heart, and Mr. Darcy always makes me go a bit unnecessary. Now, thanks to these delightful notecards, I can share his dreamy words with anyone I want. They're $12 (around £7.61) for five cards.

If I need to cheer someone up, I'm definitely going to send them one of these Little Birds Notecards. The quotations are lovely enough, but combined with the colours of the adorable flowers and birds they can't fail to make a day a little brighter. They're $14 (about £8.88) for six.

Shipping to Europe for this and the Darcy cards is $7.95 (around £5.04) which isn't too steep, but the the seller says they'll refund you if it works out any less. That sounds like a fair deal to me.

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