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Friday 2 September 2011

Dream Dress: Leila's Jessica Rabbit in the Boardroom dress

Last week I had a quite traumatic experience. It involved pootling around a shop with my thin but curvy friend, grabbing a dress that didn't look like much on the hanger but was a nice shade of green, forcing her to try it on and turning even more green when she morphed into Jessica Rabbit in the Boardroom. She waltzed home with it and I'm still feeling more than a little envious.

This is that dress; Leila's charmingly named D321-S/F (I prefer my title). They should sort out their display mannequins as well as their outfit names, because this dress looks approximately 78 times better on. It's the sex (especially if you have hips, a waist and some boobs), hugging your body like some kind of long-line forest themed Spanx.

And, crucially, it's completely appropriate for work; a revelation for someone who fights on a daily basis with their urge to sport a vintage polka-dot velvet prom dresses and golden ankle boots to the office.


  1. It's a flipping bargain too! Where did you see it? I fancy trying it on before getting it.

  2. It's in Leila London - which can be very twee and too girly for my tastes, but occasionally comes up trumps. I always think of it as Joy but slightly better quality and more bargainous...

  3. It's very affordable. Leila is normally quite, hmm, girly, but this one is a winner.


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