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Friday 2 September 2011

Our Little Harmonica

On Wednesday evening I joined 10 other film nerds in Wahaca's tequila bar for a harmonica masterclass to celebrate the Blu-ray launch of Once Upon A Time In The West.

To be honest, I was in love from the minute I saw my harp box had EASY RIDER on it. Great film. I fell more in love when one of the world's greatest harmonica players played Last of the Summer Wine. And then I actually played it, and realised I was not miraculously going to be able to join Aerosmith in the next 10 minutes due to being what those in the biz call Comprehensively Rubbish.

2GB harmonica USB, £31.68, Etsy

So much as I like a harmonica, I need it to do something else so I don't feel like a complete div for wanting to carry it around all the time. I adore novelty flash drives. I bought a friend one shaped like nigiri a few years ago. This handmade Flash Harp is a fully-functioning harmonica (unless I play it, in which case it will likely sound like a terrible asthma attack) and also works as a flash drive. Sweet! The maker also loads it up with a video tutorial to get you started.

SteamPunk Harmonica Case, £561

If you got really good, or just happened to have a MILLION POUNDS lying around in your back pocket, you could splash $885 on this miraculous bit of steampunk design. My favourite fact from the seller: "It took me 48 separate soldering operations to assemble all of the individual parts that I made for this beauty." 48! I don't think I even did 48 when I actually studied D&T. Anyway, with that much liquid metal holding it together, you know it's good.

Alternatively, you could just give in and get yourself a harmonica necklace.

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