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Friday 2 September 2011

Snuggly And Foxy H! by Henry Holland Jumper

According to all the fashion expert types, we're not going to be going anywhere without a jumper and faux fur and tweed. In winter? Who knew! Not that I care, I love a good jumper. And some faux fur too. It can be a bit much sometimes though. Good job then that Henry Holland has come up with this cheeky jumper for his H! by Henry Holland range for Debenhams. You get the snuggliness of a jumper with a cute nod to the glamour of sweeping around a manor in furs and pearls [I clearly watch too much period drama during the winter].
The grey is fairly practical in terms of what it'll go with which makes £38 a reasonable price indeed.


  1. You are on FIRE! Buying, immediately

  2. Ooh, you totally reminded me I saw something very similar (but I think marginally cuter) on Etsy ages ago:

    She does a startled-looking racoon version also

  3. Totally want this. We're all going to turn up to the pub wearing it next week.

  4. I bought this on Saturday and wore it yesterday. LOVED IT! The only thing was I had to buy a size up because it was a bit too tight, and I prefer to wear it as a jumper.

    Wore it yesterday for a lovely walk on the Heath. Ace!

  5. Just thought I'd come back to this post to say thank you so much for finding this.

    I bought it last Friday. Took Kat's advice and got a size up, which I also think works better.

    Unfortunately I haven't worn it yet, my sister came round on Saturday and loved it so much she begged to borrow it for a party. Like an idiot I let her. Now I'm praying it doesn't sell out so she can buy her own one.


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