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Monday 2 July 2012

Bin Bin by Essey

Bins. Just because they're for rubbish doesn't mean they have to be rubbish. Not when you get bins like the Bin Bin by Essey. It's designed to look like all the scrumpled up paper that will get thrown into it. I like throwing scrunched paper into bins. It feels like sporting endeavour combined with essential thinking time. That's multi-tasking I can get on board with.

Don't need a bin but still love the design? If you're anything like me you will have lots of pens but never know where they are in which case we need the small version just for pens.

I reckon you could still throw paper in there. It'd be handy if you have a small office or desk space but still need to do some scrunching and throwing.

The bin costs £36 and the pen holder £12.50, both from Geek Smart

1 comment:

  1. Love the bin! How do they make it look so, well, papery?!


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