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Monday 2 July 2012

Bag Lust: Luna & Curious Geometric Purses

Apparently I'm all about the stripes today, having already been megalusting over this breakfast set. Geometric patterns are doing it for me at the moment, especially when they're this colourful. Give me harsh lines, pops of colour and I'm all giddy and indecisive about which to choose.

These geometric leather purses are actually stocked by Luna & Curious and I spotted them over on Culture Label. Just how fabulous is that yellow?! It'll clash with absolutely everything. The purses are designed by Midsummer +1 and use a Bengali technique called Shantiniketan to emboss the pattern on to the leather.

The designs are then painted in bright colours and finished by hand. They're made by a Fairtrade co-operative that launched way back in 1977 and Dazzle is the first collection.

The lines are apparently inspired by the camoflouage on warships in World War I, which adds a really interesting element to the design. I love seeing how inspiration starts at one thing and turns into another.

I absoutely love these purses and given the design and materials used, I'm shocked that they're just £14 each. That yellow one is all mine.


  1. They are beautiful. I don't need a new purse but I want one of those.

    1. They're so simple, but they're totally yummy.


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