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Monday 9 July 2012

Marcel Wanders Striped Carafe

Whenever I set the table for dinner, I always like to have a jug of water on it so everyone can help themselves and I don't have to keep getting up to get drinks when everyone decides they want one after I've sat down. My plain jug looks positively dull compared to this stripy carafe by Marcel Wanders though. 

The rainbow stripes are a welcome splash of colour without being garish and show off the shape perfectly. It holds 1.2 litres and would equally good with a cocktail made in it as it would with plain water. You can get matching glasses too - they're like a squat little sister to the carafe. They’re part of a range designed by Marcel for good old Marks and Spencer. I love it when High Street shops with a reputation for being safe join up with designers like Marcel. It’s a bit like wearing your sauciest underwear underneath your work clothes.

Best thing of all? The carafe is only £25


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