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Monday 9 July 2012

Polka Dot Sundays

Monday could always do with more giant papier mache snails.

Monday could definitely do with a papier mache monkey or three.

Monday totally needs a papier mache giraffe. Called Patrick.

Monday needed a little bit of Polka Dot Sundays. This company has absolutely made my day with its happiness. This is the work of an incredibly talented woman called Jaina. She takes the Sunday papers and turns them into... well, magic.

Each design begins as a scrunched up bit of newspaper and then Jaina works in her London studio to create her recycled animals.

Want to make one or your own? YOU CAN! I'm so damn excited about getting papier mache all over my face. Polka Dot Sundays and Craft Guerrilla are teaming up into one PVC glue-covered London event on July 21st. Tickets are £35 and you'll make your very own Liberty bird, like the ones above (I can bet you mine won't look a damn thing like the ones above).

Feeling lazy crafty (the best kind of crafty)? Then head over to the Polka Dot Sundays' Etsy shop and buy your own little bird instead. And you can decorate him yourself! The birds are £28 and ready for sticking and playing and making pretty. The monkey? He's £160 and oh my god I want him so much.

My heart for a papier mache monkey.

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