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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Hero & Cape

Hero & Cape not only have an excellent name, they also make excellent t-shirts. They're a new(ish) British clothing brand making hand-printed tees. Their original hand-drawn graphics are quirky and cute but totally wearable. You're not going to look at these and say "that'd be nice - on someone else, maybe half my age, perhaps a child", you're going to say "that's nice, now hand me my credit card while I ORDER THEM ALL."

Balloons and bicycles, so you can pretend your daily commute is taking place in Up. This t-shirt's £28.

A simple, scalloped Peter Pan collar t-shirt, complete with black bow neck tie brooch from Temporary Secretary. We need to reclaim Peter Pan collars from Rebekah Brooks. They're NOT for her. Start the fight back by splashing out £25.

Whatever, Dorothy Parker - boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses. And if they don't, then girls who wear glasses can make passes at them. Celebrate passes/glasses with this £22 t-shirt designed like a letter test at an opticians.

Hero and Cape complement their t-shirts with a small range of accessories. Show your love for the 1980s with this ghetto blaster acrylic necklace for £15.

Love this - it's a wearable London skyline. It can remind me why I love this city, even when I'm stuck on a rush hour train on a sweaty summer morning. Not bad for £20.

T-shirts are unisex, which tends to mean "too big", so check the size chart before you order. Settle down and have a browse, and check out the men's range too if you've got any boy birthdays coming up.


  1. The balloon and bicycle print is just stunning! Such gorgeous colours!

    I adore the London skyline too.... I definitely need it to remind me I love London for every cross-town journey I make!

  2. I got a tee from here a couple of months ago, the quality is fab.


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