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Friday 6 July 2012

Vintage Champagne Poster Shower Curtain

"Champagne for EVERYONE!"
Happy Friday folks. It's been a long week, and for most of Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, we thought we wouldn't make it here. But in just a few short hours, we'll be sipping drinks and making marvellous weekend plans - hurray!

If we'd had this frankly astonishing shower curtain from Rockett St George however, the days leading up to this glorious moment would have been a breeze. I absolutely *adore* a) classic French cartoons b) Champagne and c) long, luxurious showers so having this in my bathroom would be utterly marvellous. I'd have to replace the very sensible partition the previous owners put in, but there we go.

As with most things at RSG, this doesn't come cheap - it's £49. However, they point out it comes with a waterproof liner worth £15 which makes it slightly less eyewatering. Given the amount of truly dreadful comedy designs doing the rounds (we rounded up all the best shower curtains), this glorious design is worth the money.

Now, if it could only serve Champagne on tap, from my taps, that would be splendid.


  1. That's beautiful, but I was horrified when I read the price! Ow! The 'waterproof liner' sounds more like what I think of as a shower curtain...

    1. Yes, it's a bit odd, isn't it? I've asked them about it on their Facebook page.

    2. That's really nice of you Kat! I'll look out for the answer (in case I get over my price-tag horror).

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Stunning! I soooo need this in my life...think I'll need to start selling stuff to buy one though!


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