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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Dot dot dot / dash dash dash

Maybe I watched too many Hitchcock films throughout January (with Vertigo coming out on top), but I really like the idea of being a Hollywood-esque spy. Sara and Frances can keep their dressing up as cartoons and super heroes, instead I fancy wearing a Burberry mac and huge sunglasses and looking not-at-all-subtle. Maybe I'll even have a my own 'walking through dark corridors' theme music. And Morse code. I'll definitely be good at Morse code. And snogging Cary Grant.

I've always been taken with Morse code, so I love this personalised Morse code message print (not the name at the bottom, that bit can go). This print could say anything. It could have a line from your favourite film, it could be something really silly that only you would understand. To everyone looking, it's just a lovely patterned print on yummy slate grey. But to you and the recipient, it's a secret spy message that can say whatever you like. It comes with a little codebreaker so you can work it out. Codebreakers and secrets! That's exactly what I want with my presents.

Have sneaky messages to hide? This is £20 from Owlish Grey.

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