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Monday 4 February 2013

Dream Dress: Oasis Lace Colourblock Dress

The problem with wearing nude is that at first glance, it well... looks like you're nude. Usually, this is a terrible idea (stop wearing flesh-cloured leggings, stop that right now). There's a big difference between looking like you're flashing a bit of skin and looking like you've totally forgotten to put any bottoms on before you left the house. We've all been there, haven't we? No? Oh. Let's move on.

This lace coloublock dress by Oasis is totally getting right right. At first she just looks like she's wearing a shift dress with some nifty colourblocking, then I do a double take and she's in a strapless little lace number. But here's the thing: I'd quite like either dress, and at least this way you won't freeze. It's not the weather to be running about in little strapless dresses.

This is a dress that's ticking a whole list of trends while still looking classic. It's also a dress that's just cost me £60 and snuck its way into my wardrobe.

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