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Friday 1 February 2013

Sluttery Fantasy: Field Candy

I'll concede, it's definitely not camping weather. But I do really love camping and plan on doing a little more of it this year (probably in another country, where summer is actually a concept and not an urban myth). I'd definitely love camping if I could do it in a big top circus tent. How cool are these Field Candy tents?

Oooh, I could sleep under a giant book! Brilliant. This is obviously my favourite.

I do like this suitcase tent, it's very cool. Cleverly, all Field Candy tents come with waterproof instructions, because let's face it, it's very likely to rain. As soon as you arrive at your UK holiday destination.

Not planning to go anywhere sunny? At least you can pretend in a watermelon tent. And quote lines from Dirty Dancing all through your road trip.

Field Candy tents are limited edition but at £495 they aren't cheap (although they are high-spec - you're not going to get bent poles and a leaky roof). If you only go camping once every ten years and then moan about bugs in your hair [GAH! IT WAS THE SIZE OF MY FACE AND IT WAS GOING TO EAT ME!], then they might not be for you. But despite my infrequent camping trips, I really really want to sleep under a giant book. Might pitch it in my living room.

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