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Monday 20 June 2011


This angry necklace is perfect for days when you look like a lady but feel like The Hulk. Swank Jewellery can cater for your furious moods, whether you've broken your favourite shoes, left your book on the bus, or it's Day 27 of your lady cycle and EVERYTHING IS WRONG.

Personally, I want to wear this in a library and feel like a secret rebel. Choose between mirrored gold, mirrored silver or white, backed in black perspex. At £22, it's a worthy investment to make your feelings crystal clear.


  1. Total rip off!

  2. You don't know which came first, Belinda...

  3. Also, it's a completely different style (and spelling). I think it's just two different designers who like shouting "AAARRGH".


    it is hard to tell which came first, although I'd reckon it's Tatty Devine. Shame either way though - inspiration is great but not plagarism. Suze

  5. But Suze, those pieces are totally different! Tatty Devine don't have a monopoly on shellfish on necklaces.

    Everyone at Domestic Sluttery would be really upset if we thought a designer we'd featured was ripping off someone else - we want to promote amazing designers, especially independent ones. We don't want to slander any designers in posts or comments either. Please let's not throw mud at people.

  6. Hello!

    Becky from Swank here, thanks so much for featuring my jewellery! I actually considered that Tatty Devine had copied me when I saw their AAAARGH necklace, and then the lobster as well. However I spoke to them and it really is a coincidence, I'm not bothered and neither are they, the thing that worried me was that people would think I copied just because they are the bigger label.

    The designs are different styles and both have thier merits, mine are cheaper though!!


  7. Thanks for your comment, Bex! We love your necklace.

  8. Good on Becky for jumping in and sticking up for herself. People are too quick to judge. Think before you comment people, and don't jump to conclusions. Yay Siany for taking the right stance on the whole issue!

  9. In the chocolate world, my boss genuinely comes up with the same innovative ideas as larger more mainstream chocolatiers at the same time.
    It just happens. Great minds often DO think alike!
    FAB necklace btw :)

  10. Thanks for the support guys! More great comic book inspired necklaces coming soon!

  11. Hi, this is Tatty Devine. We just wanted to say thank you to most people on this thread!

    We really appreciate the people posting who spotted the similarity between our necklace and Becky's (eagle-eyed customers often help us spot genuine copies of our designs, and we are always grateful for this).

    We also appreciate Becky posting to clear up what we can confirm is a genuine case of two designers making similiar pieces independently. (We first created our Lobster Necklace in 2004 and brought it back into our collections last year, and our Aarrghhhh Necklace is from 2007. Becky contacted us when we relaunched our lobster as she was worried we had copied her, and we were happy to clear things up.)

    And thanks Siany for keeping things in perspective.

    Tatty Devine

  12. Thanks so much for commenting, lovely people at Tatty Devine!

    Really pleased you guys worked everything out, and you've help highlight an example that we don't often see in these kind of debates.

  13. Apologies for my first, rather hasty post. I guess I was just shocked to see what I thought was another rip of Tatty (it happens a lot!) I'm glad that both designers have actually spoken about this and it happens to just be a coincidence - which is so rare, as Siany mentioned.


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