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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday: Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing

Don't panic! It's not a tablecloth, unless you have an incredibly minimalist approach to tables or a larger-than-average dolls' house.
You'll remember Modern Toss from their delightful "Buy more shit or we're all fucked" bag. Their Periodic Table of Swearing is one of my favourite-ever purchases, hanging all demure on the wall waiting for my mum to peer at it and squawk about the sheer volume of four-letter words on it.

It's WELL rude. I love it.

It cost a bit, but for the much more manageable £11.50 you can get all the swears you could possibly want on this tea towel instead. I really, really loathe washing up glasses, so the idea of swearing all over them makes me very pleased indeed.

My favourite swear (of the ones I can really use in polite-ish company at any rate) is the delightfully random Acf: 'Acting like a cock snake on plant food.'

I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I like the idea of cleaning my mugs with it.


  1. Ace, ace, ace!
    My sister very nearly bought the print but (a) it was a millionty pounds and (b) she could already hear the cries of her children 'Oh MUM, you're so EMBARASSING' but now I can get her this and she can keep it near the washing up, near which her children are unlikely to stray.

  2. This is the second time today someone has said 'a millionty' in the comments. I like it.

  3. @badmissk "Cost a bit" is an understatement - I put the price in originally, but was so embarrassed by spending that much on swearing that I went all demure. HURRAY for sweary tea towels, report back on your sister's reaction to it.

  4. Excellent - I linked to the original print a while back but didn't buy. That tea towel has my name on it (although clearly not literally)

  5. WANT. That is all...


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