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Monday 27 June 2011

Dream Dress: ASOS Sheer Fluted Dress

Now the sun has finally shown its face (and we're predictably moaning that it's too hot), I'm hoping I can get out of the confusing weather wardrobe. Confusing weather wardrobe means if I go out with bare legs it rains, if I'm in tights then I'm too hot. I can't dress for 'who the hell knows' and I'm blaming Sian Lloyd.

We're mighty suspicious of the sunshine a lot of the time. Like it's going to go behind that cloud any second now and leave us freezing our tits off for the afternoon. And not many dresses cover that eventuality.

This one will be fine, though. This floaty navy dress was found rifling through ASOS's virtual rails trying to find something bright pink (no, I'm not sure what happened there either). It's the perfect amount of cover up, but it looks floaty so you'll stay cool. The back is pretty too:

And this little beauty, is only £35. Which makes it a bargain. I've also tried the Super Saver delivery at ASOS recently and despite them saying your goodies will probably take over a week, I waited three days - my order was dispatched the very next day. Not bad for the freebie option. Although, of course, it might be raining by then.


  1. You guys are SOOOO dangerous... I've just ordered it!!!!

  2. Sian. Stop writing about dresses in such a way that I am forced to buy them.

  3. Save one for me! You impatient things.

  4. Ok - so it arrived today - and it's perfect... a little bit short... but really lovely - fits well and is really good quality for the price! VERY good pick Siany! Thanks!


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