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Friday 17 June 2011

Nice jugs

Jugs: surely a girl's best friend. Useful for filling with milk, water, cocktails. And perfect for prettying up your home when filled with flowers. My living room is looking a whole lot more colourful at the moment with some bright tulips filling an enamel vintage number and some gorgeous yellow roses nestling in a little owl jug.

And jugs can be a cheap thrill too. There are always lots available in vintage stores, while the high street has some great designs too at the moment. Lovely jug-ly.

Here's one of those great examples from the high street, the Rombo jug from Zara Home. It's made from glass and costs £12.99. Just looking at that colour makes me think of nice fruity cocktails. You can also get it in blue.

If you liked the yellow pastel milk jug we showed you a couple of weeks back, how about investing in its colourful vintage cousin from The OK Corral? For £7, it's sunshine in the form of a jug.

Lisa Stickley's doing some great things as part of her range for Debenhams. One of my favourites is this 50s-esque posie jug. It's virtually asking to be filled with a bunch of flowers. To help its cause, it's currently in the sale for £16.

Cath Kidston stores frighten me a bit. But look some of the items away from the hoards of women clutching her floral bags and with a glazed look in their eyes and they're really quite nice. Like this acrylic jug, for example. Perfect for picnics and only £15.


  1. Beautiful jugs. They make me think of cool drinks on the lawn under the shade of a tree. Unfortunately, however, the rain shows no sign of stopping today.
    And about Cath Kidston - yes, definitely scary! (and that's just the prices!)

  2. Thanks Yvette. I think looking at the yellow one is possibly the only thing that will keep me going in this horrible rain!
    And glad I'm not the only one with the Cath fear...


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