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Thursday 23 June 2011

Cocktail Hour: The Airmail

While I was gallivanting around West London at the weekend, I found myself drinking cocktails in Trailer Happiness on Portobello Road. They're a cool bar (with one of the friendliest and most on the ball waitresses I've met in London - do ask for Alba if you're in there) and they're known for their rum cocktails.

When I spied the Airmail on the menu, I wasn't entirely sure that rum and champagne would make friends in the same glass. Still, it's a billion page menu and I was thirsty, so I ordered it in a rush. Luckily, it tasted wonderful. They've mixed honey into the drink, which works a treat. It turns the drink a lush, golden colour and takes the edge off the rum so it's very easy to drink. And I wanted to make my own.

You'll need:
  • 50ml dark rum
  • 10ml runny honey
  • 10ml lime juice
  • Champagne
Shake it!

Shake the rum, honey and lime in a cocktail shaker, pour into a champagne flute and then top up with your bubbles. Drink seven, get plasticine all over the table in the bar and sing happy birthday very, very loudly. Probably.

Flickr image from Pink Sherbet Photography's photostream.


  1. I LOVE Trailer Happiness. You are right about the service; so friendly, nothing is too much trouble. I'm coincidentally going tomorrow night actually, for a work's night out; definitely going to have the Airmail! It must be new, I haven't had it before. Anything with champagne in it gets my vote! :D

  2. The waitress we had thought nothing of splitting a large tab halfway through the night. She split it into six. She then kept track throughout the whole night of who was having what. Always with a smile on her face. I honestly don't think I've had better table service in London.

  3. Wow amazing! On friday it was particularly busy; they were very attentive at the beginning of the night (almost too much) but towards 10ish we had to wave their attention. To be fair, hardly a sackable offence. And I can confirm the airmail is amazing. I followed it with the Cotton Mouth Killer - oh dear. Drunkety drunk!


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