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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Cocktail Hour: The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, London

If you see me over the next couple of weeks and I've got a bottle of tequila in my hand, don't be surprised (thinking on it, you probably wouldn't be surprised at all). You see, I'll be trying to replicate the lemongrass and chilli margarita that I had in The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town.

The where? Yes, Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. It's part of The Breakfast Club chain in London (who let's face it, always have been a little too cool for school). They've decided to get in on the whole speakeasy bar thing, and they've done it jolly well. Not least because you have to go through a Smeg fridge to get there.

The bar is hidden underground in the East London Breakfast Club on Artillery Lane, and the staff are full of smiles and friendliness. It's a cute place. Certainly fitting with the current trend of secret bars and dens for drinking in.

The cocktails are excellent (especially that margarita) and you've got the trump card of taking your friends to a random place that they haven't heard of before. Through a fridge. In a cafe. That makes any drinking hole more exciting in my book.

They've got nice wallpaper in the loos, too. Cocktails are around £7.50, a glass of bubbly is £4.50. I'm not massively taken with the food (frozen oven chips do nothing for the joint), so eat before you go and spend your pennies working your way through the cocktail menu.

It's absolutely the best time I've ever had behind a fridge.

Thanks to Nick Smith and the charmingly cute Wibbly J Pig at That Pig Ate for the photos.


  1. Oh my gosh...that Smeg fridge doorway is just so cool! : )

  2. I have been to TBC SO MANY times and I didn't know they had a secret bar!! Through a fridge!! OMG.
    I've always admired the My LIttlle Pony wallpaper though...

  3. It hasn't been there long, Alice so it's not like they've been hiding it for years. I think after a while you'd have noticed people using the fridge like a door...

  4. It reminds me of one my favorite bars in NYC, PDT, where you have to walk through a phone booth in a hot dog restaurant to get to a swanky, hidden bar. I'm looking forward to trying that margarita!

  5. Aha! Now I know why you told me you were going out behind a fridge on Saturday evening! Sounds cool, looks cool ..

  6. That bar is too cool but I am really interested in your quest for the lemongrass and chilli margarita. I recently had a raspberry and chilli margarita and felt it was lacking something, perhaps the lemongrass would be better.

  7. My Little Pony Wallpaper! I think I just did my first ever squee. (I'm 30)

  8. We had a message from The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town himself tonight! As of tonight, frozen chips are off the menu! Hurrah!

    Now off I go to try and replicate that cocktail...


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