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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday: 'Cahier d'ecriture' by Madame Chalet

Want to decorate and learn some nice writing? Yeah, so do I. This Cahier d'Ecriture wallpaper from Bodie & Fou let's you do just that. It'll teach you all of your masculine and feminine le's and la's while looking very stylish on your walls.

My handwriting doesn't look like this anymore. I spend so much time typing away that sometimes my brain isn't entirely sure how to pick up a pen. Madame Chalet's wallpaper might not be the most suitable around kids learning to write, but it will add such a stylish touch to a wall in a home office. One panel, that's all you need. Just as well because it's £95. Gorgeous, though.


  1. Love this... the minute I saw it I started wondering where in my house I could put it!


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