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Thursday 16 June 2011

Cocktail Hour: The Store Cupboard Cocktail

After countless dinner parties and "oh that looks like it tastes interesting, I'll buy some of that" moments, my cocktail shelf is jammed full of spirits. Which naturally means there's never anything to drink.

Faced with an extremely urgent need to have a snifter last night, I decided to play around with what was there in the manner of store cupboard suppers, resulting in this absolutely delicious store cupboard cocktail. You can do it with anything (which is the point) and actually, it was really fun to play around with flavours and think about what flavours would go with each other. It's good to get out of a rut.

(Er, I don't have a jigger or a measure either so relied entirely on sight and taste.)

The Store Cupboard Cocktail (Kat June 2011 version) - serves 1
  • Shot Cachaca
  • Half to 3/4 shot Chase rhubarb liqueur
I was originally going to play around with vodka but thought the rhubarb liqueur (strong, but rather delicate) needed something with a bit of punch to rub up against. It worked. The liqueur, oily and delicious, calmed down the cachaca's spicier layers and the two worked into a comforting, warming treat with serious zing. And I drank it curled up on the sofa reading a lovely book and feeling very much better.

Have you got a store cupboard favourite? Mmm...


  1. It's such a risky business (especially given that it usually happens when you're already tipsy.

    Gin and rose lemonade? YES.

    Midori and coke (really)? NO.

  2. Whiskey Mac..ginger wine and whiskey..not very inventive but tasty..

  3. I LOVE Whiskey Mac. Sadly, I don't have any ginger wine (hence the ridiculous fiddle).

    Sian, rose lemonade sounds unashamedly kick ass and I need it in my life.

  4. Let's not tell Alex S about that. I bought it for her and then I STOLE it.


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