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Tuesday 21 June 2011

Nice Notecards

Recently, I've had a couple of handwritten thank you cards in the post. Thank you cards in the post are lovely. A few days after the event requiring thanks, you get a little reminder on your doorstep (mixed with credit card bills and boring) that you and your friends had an awesome time, and yeah, they appreciate it. Then much giggling to yourself about their wedding follows.

There is nothing not great about thank you cards. And they absolutely have to be sent in the post. You won't send them often, but when you do, make sure they're pretty.

Lisa Stickley's notecards are gorgeous. They're instantly recognisable, and come in four different designs. You get 16 cards for £10.00. That's a lot of thank yous for your money.

These to and from cards absolutely ruin the whole 'oooh, who is this from? It's too pretty to be from the bank' thing. But I like them anyway. They're £6.25 from Present & Correct and you get five in a pack.

How about these seaside-inspired cards? They're by Sarah Hough and they're £5.95. You get eight in your pack, and the designs are a mix of shells and fish and seaside birds.

These pen and ink cards from Trimmingshop on Etsy are very cute. They're $15.50 for six (with shipping), which makes them around £9.

So, who in your life deserves a thank you note?

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  1. I was looking for lovely thank-you notes today! So I think YOU deserve a thank-you note, for showing me these. The Lisa Stickley ones are beautiful.


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