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Monday 27 June 2011

The World's Smallest Postal Service

We love tiny things at Domestic Sluttery, whether that's tiny houses, tiny cakes, tiny cups, or, well, most of the DS team. So it's no wonder we fell in love with Leafcutter Designs' tiny letters and packages.

Send them your message and the Leafcutter team will type it out on their miniature typewriters, and put it in a teeny envelope complete with stamp, wax seal with your initial, and magnifying glass so the recipient won't have to squint. Who wouldn't love opening this up over breakfast to read birthday greetings, a thank you letter, or just a note saying hello?

Tiny packages include a small object and short message, all wrapped up in miniature newspaper. I love the "you're as cute as a button" button, and the compass accompanying the "where would I be without you?" message. And the miniature bouquet works for any occasion - I think I'd immediately feel better if I got it in lieu of a 'get well soon' card.

Letter and packages are bundled into a sturdy parcel and posted to whomever you choose. Leafcutter Designs are based in America so letters are $9, packages are $10, and international postage is only $6. That makes them each about £10, although remember you might get hit with random customs fees (it would be a hardhearted customs officer to charge extra for something so adorable though).


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