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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Get a free £40 Naked Wine voucher!

What's better than wine? FREE WINE. What's better than free wine? Free wine that supports independent vineyards and means you try something new. What's even better than that? Getting a little piece of Domestic Sluttery in your inbox thrown into the bargain.

We've teamed up with the tipsy folk at Naked Wines (who you might remember from our Christmas competitions) and they're going to give you a £40 wine voucher when you sign up to the Domestic Sluttery newsletter. You can use that little box to your right to do that, and then all the Sluttery/wine-y goodness will land right in your inbox. You'll need to confirm your email sign up before you get your voucher, and then it's all yours.

What can you spend your £40 voucher on? Any case of wine worth £79.99 or more. Doesn't matter if you're a red or white fan, you can pick whatever case you like. You're getting around 50% off 12 bottles of very good wine. We've tried a lot of Naked Wines (and accidentally drank seven bottles in one evening once) and have never had a bottle we didn't like. Special thumbs up for the malbecs and viogniers. Some of the cases have bubbly in them, too.

Once you've signed up, you'll get our fortnightly newsletter Sluttery in your Inbox every other Monday. Our newsletters always have exclusive content, and promise to brighten up your Monday lunchtimes. Because apparently that's not a suitable time of the day to crack open a bottle.

Free wine and interesting things to read. What are you waiting for?


  1. I signed up ages ago to the newsletter (and very good it is too) - can I sign up again and get a voucher? I do like wine :)

  2. oooh bargain, I've just come back from Cybermummy and sampled some lovely wine from Naked!

  3. What about us devoted wannabe sluts who signed up ages ago?

  4. If you wanted to do that, Helen, then you could. *ahem* but we obviously wouldn't promote that option ;-)

  5. Do you have to use the voucher to buy one of the set cases, or can you make up a case of your own so long as it still comes to more than £79.99? Such a great deal ^_^

  6. This time it's one of the cases, Laura. But that's the best way for them to showcase their wines. You'll save more money from buying the cases instead of individual bottles. There are mixed cases if you don't just fancy red or white.


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