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Thursday 30 June 2011

Etsy pick: Amy Blackwell

I've been utterly charmed by the work of Amy Blackwell. Through her Etsy shop, Blackoutwell, this Nottingham maker sells her illustrative work and also these 'cotton doodles', which are basically her illustrations recreated in embroidery. Delicate and pretty but with a contemporary look, these are the perfect gift for that annoying kind of girl who already has everything, or simply brighten up a forlorn looking piece of wall.

This dreamy design is called pink triangles for obvious reasons. It's £20.

This one is called House with trees. Okay, Amy doesn't go in for the imaginative titles but that gives you more scope for you to make up your own story to go with the image. I think this one would make a good happy new home gift. It's £26.

This spotted tea cup also costs £26. I love the way she uses the quality of the stitch to represent the sketchy style of the illustration.

Take a look yourself and lose yourself in these lovely pieces. You can even commission her to do pieces if you've got an idea for something specific in your head. And if you live near Nottingham, do go and visit Nottingham Castle from Saturday onwards - Amy is one of a group of artists being asked to decorate the walls of their exhibition space to accompany the visiting V&A Street Art show. You can find out more about that here.


  1. Ahh I love Amy's work so much! My cat tote bag goes everywhere with me.

  2. Hah, what a coincidence - I posted about Amy Blackwell's blog/shop just this morning:


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