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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Getting Trollied

I like the idea of my own drinks trolley. They're always fun. Whether you're on a plane, or even on a train going nowhere exciting, the drinks trolley makes your journey a little better (never go for the wine in little bottles, always the gin and tonic, do not trust that wine).

There's also a bit of a cocktail hour feeling about trollies, isn't there? Some wonderful offices even have a drinks trolley at the end of a Friday, but I don't get that because of working at home (it just becomes drinking on your own, that's not great).

I think Rose & Grey are trying to tell me to use this galvanised steel trolley as extra shelving in the kitchen, which is a very clever idea. But in reality, I'd use it for a wine bucket, drinks and spirits and my cocktail shaker. That's a much better idea than putting plates on it, don't you think?

Cocktail hour would move to a whole new level if I had this. But it's £465. So instead I'm going to have to resort to a bottle of bubbly on my desk. I'm blaming Rose & Grey personally.

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  1. My mum has several drink trolleys, and one hostess trolley that opens up to hold all the different parts of a big roast dinner. It's amazing. I take after my mum a bit...we're opening an online vintage shop together soleyl because we have too much stuff to keep between us.


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