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Thursday 9 June 2011

Book Review: Tom Aikens easy

Don’t tell my husband, but I happen to think Tom Aikens is a bit of a fox. He’s quite the kitchen bad boy. And he really can cook.

His latest book “easy” aims to give simple but impressive meals that we can knock up in a flash. Just up the Domestic Sluts’ street.

The book is arranged into logical sections from Healthy Starts (although I don’t know if I’d class Vanilla Belgian Waffles with Maple Syrup Apples and Cinnamon Cream as healthy), Light Bites and Fast Fixes to the more involved weekend dishes and puddings. In fact, the puddings are where most of my post it notes ended up - I’ve definitely got the caramel mousse and pineapple upside down cake flagged for a future pig out. There is also a handy Leftovers chapter, which gives you plenty of ideas for using up that pesky cold roast chicken hanging around in your fridge.

The book is on lovely thick paper and the photos are mouthwatering yet pared down, like the recipes themselves. My only complaint is that this is still a slightly cheffy book and not for complete beginners as the “easy” title might suggest. Tom doesn’t explain what deglazing a pan means, or tell you to watch out when you’re squeezing lemon juice into boiling caramel (a hint - it spits!). But if you’re a confident cook who wants some straightforward recipes for an easy after work dinner, then this definitely the book for you.


  1. He's FOXY. I met him once. I say 'met', I mean 'blushed and hid on the other side of the room'.

  2. Complete fox - ginger to ginger... that's a real compliment!


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