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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Dream Dress: Patterned Swelle Shift Dress

I also find the cutest things in the Swelle Boutique. I'm smitten with this blue gown, this lace dress and this blue skirt. Everything in the shop is like finding a treasure at the back of your friend's wardrobe and being allowed to borrow it (as long as you treat it nicely). The dresses are special, unique and always look like they're much more expensive than they really are.

But it's this patterned dress that I'm most taken with. It's so flattering, and the colours are lovely. I also really like the ruffled sleeves and hem. It's an absolutely perfect day dress. I think I'd wear this dress on dates. The little row of vintage glass buttons down the front is a really cute touch.

Like this cute little dress? It's £85 and it's a one off in a size 10, so it you want it to be yours then you'll have to be very quick. And if you're not quick enough, have a read of The Swelle Life instead.

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