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Wednesday 22 June 2011


As a rule, I love most things I spot on REfound. It's an excellent shop for all things vintage-y and unusual, but it doesn't hike the prices up. Their web layout is awful, but I forgive them seconds after I find something that I immediately what to buy.

This week, I've been snooping around the REfreshments section. It doesn't matter if I need them, I can't help buying cups and glasses and kitchen things. They're like a little snippet of design that doesn't cost lots, and doesn't take up too much space. Here are my favourite buys at the moment.

I never get sick of old milk bottles, but the airtight stoppers on these make them worthwhile. The small ones are £8 each.

You'll use a lemon squeezer more than you realise. Better make it a pretty one. One that's only £5.

These green milk glass cakestands are lovely. And they're not twee, which is always a good thing. Best of all, you buy them separately, so they can be used for larger cakes too.

After finding vintage jelly moulds earlier this week, and wishing I had some tiny rabbit moulds, I've found some! And they're just £5.50 each for the very little ones. They look a bit like they're going to war, which is weird.


  1. I have one of their green milk glass cakestands. It's beautiful and guaranteed to make anything you place on it that bit better!

  2. Guys, I hate both of you - I love EVERYTHING hre and I'm going to be so freaking poor!

  3. Oh no I kind of wish I hadn't learned about Refound, I have enough trouble with Ebay and Etsy already!


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