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Friday 10 June 2011

Tatty Devine for John Lewis

I don't think I've ever wanted a pair of sunglasses as much as I want these. And I'm absolutely certain they'd look all sorts of ridiculous on me. I don't care. Not one little bit. They're FABULOUS. Tatty Devine are the genius' behind them, but they're actually for John Lewis which surprised me. John Lewis aren't usually this cool.

The bowtie design is gorgeous but they're limited edition so if you want them, snap them up quickly. Don't sit on them, though. They're £65.


  1. Mmm - they're like Betty Rubble shades!

  2. This is the third place I've seen these recommended! They are lovely, very Betty/Betti/Betty - I can think of three Betties that would wear them.

    For me, though, £65 cannot be spent on sunglasses. Far too often broken/lost. I'll admire from afar!

  3. Having a major Tatty Divine love-in at the moment. Just bought their swallows necklace. Love it.


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