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Friday 24 June 2011

Simon's Cat Prints

What do you mean you've never seen Simon's Cat? Oh thank God, you were just teasing me!

Since cartoonist Simon Tofield starting making YouTube films based on the caprices of his four cats, my life has been richer, sparkier and more fearful of the collective power of birds. I've bought both the books as presents and can quite happily spend entire afternoons in front of my computer, pushing F5 on the 'Fly Guy' film.

So I obviously want these new limited edition prints!

This one is my favourite. The snooze! The smug, regal expression! That's 100% pure cat right there.

I like the scratchy, initial outlines in the butterfly.

Or maybe the silent, wise counsel of Cat's best friend, The Gnome?

Each print is signed by Simon in a limited run of 250 each. They cost £79.99, come with a certificate of authenticity and an embossed seal and you have to wait 7 days for delivery so that Simon can sign them, which is nice for two reasons: one, your print will have been signed just for you, not in a frenzied rush of signing and two, it looks a bit modest and like he won't sell them all. Which he clearly will.


  1. I love Simon's cat, do you know if they make greetings cards?

    Emma x

  2. Hi Emma! Everything they sell is on their website, not sure about cards but Simon seems pretty open to suggestions.


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