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Monday 13 June 2011

Blogs We Love: My Drunk Kitchen

Normally we show you blogs to inspire you, but this one comes with a warning: do not try this at home. Hannah Hartman, the star of Drunk Kitchen, has adult supervision and someone to turn the oven on for her. The concept of her blog is simple - she gets drunk, tries to follow a recipe, and uploads a video of the messy results.

Here she is attempting to make cookies. Spoiler alert: contains the line "nothing about cookies is fun."

Snappy editing condenses an evening of tottering about, trying to open a bag of cheese while opening a second bottle of prosecco, into five minutes of increasingly slurred hilarity. It is much, much funnier than it ought to be, because Hannah is naturally funny and charming in a Liz Lemon way, and you will want to be her friend.

Each video - and there are only seven so far - bears repeat viewings so you can catch cookery "tips" like:

"You don't have to worry about things like measuring."
"Gently mix all your shit together"
"You know what's fun to do while you wait? Drink."
"What we call drinking, [the British] call lunch." (hell yes)

You won't want to make any of her recipes but you might feel drunk by proxy afterwards. And you'll certainly feel less guilty about finishing off that red wine you definitely only opened so you could add some to your chilli.

She loves cheese, she loves drinking, she doesn't care if there is egg in her wine, she doesn't mind the odd kitchen disaster. Hannah: you are an honourary Domestic Slut, and we salute you.

(Please drink responsibly, dear readers. No one wants any accidents. Or law suits.)


  1. I love this girl! My friend found her videos and proclaimed her his perfect woman. She may be my perfect woman!

  2. I love her. It's such a simple idea, done so well.

  3. Hee! I spent most of Saturdday evening watching My Drunk Kitchen. I suspect those kind of shenanigans go in a LOT of kitchens around the world!


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