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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Asos Lace Scalloped Blouse

Oh, ASOS. You're a strange website. For all of your hoochy dresses that sit somewhere around a shopper's waist, sometimes you sneak little beauties like this scalloped blouse into my search. It's reasons like this that I can spend a good hour nosing through the site when I should be working.

I adore the cornelli lace collar. The contrasting black and cream looks so smart, but it's simple too. And I'm a sucker for cute little sleeves and these are perfect. How much is this little piece of sexiness? Just £30. I think some of the Domestic Sluts will be fighting over this one.


  1. Look at the buttons on the back too! It's adorable.

  2. Oh god there's buttons on the back. That's it, I'm buying it. Even though my tits will look ridiculous in it.

  3. Sian, you're a terrible influence. That top just fell into my basket as well. We better alert one another if we're planning on wearing it on the same day! x

  4. Kat! Now I'm going to have to coordinate what I'm wearing with you AND Gemma.

    This is what happens when you write about the pretty things you want...


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