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Friday 10 June 2011

Booze in a Jar: De Klok Original Advokaat

Dear ladies,

It was only a matter of time before the world combined the two Best Things Ever - alcohol and spreads - into one delectable condiment. And lo! It came to pass that the marvellously named De Klok created Advokaat booze-in-a-jar.

Advokaat/Avocat is best known for having too many letters in its name, coming in ghastly bottles and being the most 70s thing this side of prawn cocktail and flares. This, however, is amazing. It's booze you eat with a SPOON for heaven's sake. You can use it as custard, or - my favourite indulgence, spread all over toast like alcoholic lemon curd.

It's got a deliciously smooth, comforting taste which is shot through by a massive whoomph of alcohol. At 22% ABV this is like a yummy, custardy kick in the head; eating peanut butter out of the jar won't get you hammered, doing so with this most likely will.

This is Sian and her friend Tom enjoying some delicious Advokaat. They refused to give the jar back and I had to confiscate it when they were busy with their spoons.

I was originally going to write a different foodie post today, but Sian loved this so much I figured it needed sharing with you. At one point only dogs could hear the shrieks of joy being unleashed on my kitchen.

I usually buy a nice jar of this on my annual trip to Southwold at the Adnams shop, which handily sells it online. It's £11.99 but lasts for ages (unless, presumably, you live with Sian and Tom) and it never goes off due to the fact it is so entirely alcoholic.

Delicious! Let me know what you'd eat it with and I'll give it a go.

Yours boozily,

Advokaat Brown


  1. Oh it's so wonderful. The drunken amazement in that photo really doesn't do it justice. It's about 56 times more wonderful than that.

  2. That's a super disturbing photo... you have the crazed look of a pair of brain-eating zombies about you. :p

    I feel like a silly, but... what does Advokaat actually taste like? Custard?

  3. Yeah, it's like a booze-ridden custard. It's wonderful.

  4. Oh I want some! My mum once served me Advocat and lemonade and it blew my mind. I've never quite got up the courage to buy a whole bottle. But if I can eat it on toast? DONE.

  5. I shop at Cellar & Kitchen all the time when I go to see my parents as they've got quite a few stores in Norfolk. Mum had that avocaat last Crimbo and it's amaziinggggg

  6. Yes, £5.99 is a bit bitching. Why don't you see if any other DS readers would chip in for a jar to get the free delivery?

    I was incredibly lucky this morning in that a Southwold tweeter very kindly sent me a mini jar of it to work. My desk is now sitting around in a haze of booze fumes and wishing we were allowed toasters in the office.

  7. A friend bought me this back of holiday what a treat . Now im just looking to see if i can buy it on line .


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