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Monday 13 June 2011

Perfect Pink Pleats

Girly girls everywhere went mad for the Carrie Skirt in Whistles earlier this year. Absolutely batty. It sold out before I'd finished my gin 'n' tonic, and although you can still buy it in Selfridges if you've got a spare £110, I'm still not sure that a bright pink midi length skirt is for me. I love the idea, but I'd look silly in it.

But Oasis have just brought out this knee length pink skirt, and I really like it. It's a little bit more wearable than the Whistles version (although let's be frank, they've hardly been original in their design). It's also cheaper at £40 as well. I'll wear it with striped tops and flat shoes all summer.

What do you think? Alternative bargain, or are Oasis big fat copy cats?

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  1. Whistles had that one too! it came out first in knee length (sold out in seconds), then in the midi length in a wh-multitude of colours, and of course the pink was gone before anyone knew it was there.


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