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Friday 17 June 2011

Etch A Sketch iPhone Case

I don't have an iPhone, but this Etch A Sketch case is reason enough for me to get one. Etch A Sketch was actually always a bit rubbish, wasn't it? You couldn't draw a sun in the sky of your drawing unless you wanted a stupid line in your picture. Then your brother would snatch it from you and shake it before you'd finish, then you'd give him a Chinese burn, there would be tears and you'd both get told off.

Just me?

As rubbish as they were, now I look at them and remember my childhood days. Few toys can sum up an 80s childhood like an Etch A Sketch. And they make for a very cool iPhone case. Especially if you download the Etch A Sketch iPhone app as well. Not that you'll be able to draw a sun in your picture without a stupid line down the middle, but you can't have everything.

Want one? It's £24.99 (I know, I know) from I Want One Of Those.


  1. teehee. i have always thought that magnadoodle was superior to etchasketch.

  2. Well now I'm searching for a Magnadoodle iPhone case. See what you've done?

  3. AWESOME. This will look a treat on my shiny new iPhone 4!


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