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Thursday 23 June 2011

Kat's Dream Librarian Fetish Party Housewarming

I'm currently dallying with the idea of buying a flat. I'm clearly bad at this, as rather than focusing on the things like stamp duty, estate agents and chains which are currently filling my life with unadulterated horror, I am daydreaming out of the Foxton's car window and planning the beautiful, tasteful, boozy housewarming I will throw when the hideous practicality nightmare is over.

I need these. I need these desperately. Because, while my dream flat will of course be equipped with its own library and library stair ladder, I will need some immediate bookery to provide whimsy and inspiration without recourse to unpacking seven giant boxes of books. And these beautiful Shakespearean paper garlands (handmade, naturally) are it.

These garlands have been handmade from an unwanted volume of Shakespearean plays. This is the foie gras of literary decorations.

These, according to Etsy's weird currency converter, are £17.83 and are made by the utterly wonderful Bookity, a Reading-based store who sell on Etsy and Folksy. They make so much beautiful, book-inspired goodies that I could wallow around all day just planning how to turn my mythical flat into even more of a librarian's fetish party. I'd serve drinks with titles based entirely on bad puns: A Sidecar Named Desire. The Woman In Black Velvet. Cosmopolitan Little Indians.

I don't have the flat yet. But when I do...


  1. You work at Foxtons? I wouldn't admit it if I did....

  2. Yay! I thought you were moonlighting as a #&*@ :)


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