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Thursday 9 June 2011

Graham & Green Armchair

If you ignore that GOD UGLY Eiffel Tower table in the foreground, what's left is a damn sexy armchair from Graham & Green. Like the one that Carrie has in Sex and the City, even after she's crushed that furniture designer's heart with her evil ways.

I love the curves on the arms, and the studs and goodness me, the colour of that leather is gorgeous. It won't match anything in Sluttery HQ, which is just as well because it's £1295 and I have £3.47 in my purse (and a couple of foreign coins from countries I've never been to). But I love it, I love it so. It's for curling up in on rainy days and reading excellent books.

Basically, this chair is giving you a really really good excuse to stay indoors and watch telly. I approve.


  1. Oh, beautiful armchair. Oh, Aidan! He was just too wonderful.

  2. Mmmmmmmmm Aidan!

    I quite like that table!


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