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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Chronic Bitchface

This weekend, I was walking down the street with Alex S and an irritating little man told me to smile. Thing is, I WAS smiling. I was a little tipsy, quite cheery and short of walking around with a perma-grin on my face there's not much I can do. And that would just be creepy.

So I'm loving this Chronic Bitchface print. It's by Kris Atomic and it's just £20. There's something cool about shouting THIS IS JUST HOW MY FACE LOOKS. I might start shouting that at people when they tell me to 'cheer up, love' because it 'might never happen'. Jeez.

Thanks to Alice Harold on Twitter for the tip-off.


  1. LOVE this! Might need to buy it for my new craft room.

  2. I need a t-shirt saying this, I get told this ALL the time!

  3. Could these be produced in a handy business card size so you could give them to all those exceptionally annoying people who think they're being funny by saying that.

    Possibly with 'and now please s*d off' on the back.


  4. This made me laugh so much! I too suffer from Chronic Bitchface. For some reason this seems to really bother builders on scaffolding.

    I want a t-shirt with it on too, Gemmie.


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