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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Alice Pyne's mug for Emma Bridgewater

A few days before some of us Sluts ran the cancer fundraiser, Race For Life, (thank you for your fantastic donations by the way, we raised over £900!), I wrote a story for my paper about a truly extraordinary thing.

A teenage girl with terminal cancer called Alice Pyne put online her bucket list of things she wanted to do before died. Within hours, the blog had gone around Twitter and hundreds and eventually thousands of people posted messages of support on her (incredibly well-written) blog offering to help tick items off her list.

So far, she's got to meet Take That! Swim with sharks! Enter her Labrador Mabel into a dog show! And loads more. Horrible bastard internet trolls aside, it has been a truly inspiring thing to watch people being so kind and banding together for someone they didn't know.

One of the wishes on Alice's list was to design an Emma Bridgewater mug. Behold - she has!

And blow me, it's absolutely gorgeous. Seriously EB, sign her up for a few more because this is my favourite mug yet.Now, this mug might seem pricier than normal, but as you can see from above, it's a charity mug. Ten pounds from the sale of each mug will go to Torbay Holiday Helpers Network, which gives free holidays to seriously ill children and their holidays. The Pynes went last year, and the mug is inspired by that holiday (that's Mabel under the umbrella!)

Sorry for going on a bit about this, but I was so incredibly moved by this story, by Alice and her amazing family and the whole thing that having a bloody gorgeous mug involved almost pushed me over the edge. Did I mention I think this mug is amazing? And limited edition too, there's posh.


  1. Wow! She got to do the mug design! I'm so pleased. And it is so lovely too. Hoorah.

  2. Isn't it? This is genuinely my favourite-ever EB design, regardless of the story that goes with it. Frankly, there's only so many arch polka dots I can take.

  3. What a lovely thing to happen


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