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Thursday 16 June 2011

Shop in the spotlight: Kitty's Emporium

There are lots of shops that sell great vintage now online but it's not so often that's paired with great prices. Kitty's Emporium is a new discovery to me that seems to pull off that feat. Based in Manchester, they stock vintage across the board, from fabric to books to crockery. The clothing range didn't quite do it for me (though there looks to be a good collection of knitting patterns if you're good with your needles). The homewares, however, oh the unexpected delights! The store definitely leans towards the kitsch side of retro but there are some 100% pretty things in there too, if you scroll through. My wish list is rather long, but the edited version goes something like this:

These fruity numbers are the shot glasses of my dreams. They date to the 1950s and cost a peachy £4.99.

No home is complete surely without a slightly bizarre pin-up style cowgirl ashtray, especially when it costs just £2.49

More boozing in style with this 1970s decanter and shot glasses. For £9.99, you can afford to splash out on another 70s drinking essential: the pineapple ice bucket.

That's the kitsch bit done, so onto the pretty. How about these cornflower glasses, reduced to £2.99?

Or how can you resist this 1950s plate? For £3.49 it deserves to be snapped up and proudly displayed.

Finally this floral mug looks like it's been made for the current 70s folk look. Seventies prices too, as it costs £1.49.

I can't help thinking there will be a whole load of this booty coming down this way very soon. An extra incentive, should you need one, is that you get a free compilation CD with every order. Music and vintage? Surely my perfect new shop.


  1. Wow - those prices are excellent! Lots of lovely stuff to invest in when I move house.

  2. Hello all!

    I've just been informed by a friend that you have featured my store on your blog - and just want to say Thank You!

    I've been running since 2005, and it has always been my aim to rehome beautiful old relics with a loving owner, and go on to lead another life so to speak - I keep my prices low to ensure this happens.

    I absolutely agree with you about my clothes section - I do have more stock squirrelled away which will be online in the next few weeks, however my passion has always been homeware and I'm glad this shows on my site :)

    So thank you again for taking the time to write about Kitty's Emporium!

    Love and Kittens,
    Amrick (Chief Kitty)

  3. Dammit I just love every-bloody-thing on there. This is bad news for my bank balance... :-) x

  4. Everything is lovely. Really really lovely.

    And thanks for stopping by, Chief Kitty!

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