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Friday 3 June 2011

Book Review: Miss Hope's Chocolate Box

Miss Hope's Chocolate Box is a delicious new recipe book from one half of the team behind the exquisite old fashioned sweet shop, Hope and Greenwood. Their latest book is jammed packed full of delicious treats, a whole 50 of Miss Hope's chocolate favourites in fact. Flicking through the pages of this book not only made me drool but also put me in mind of how Charlie must have felt when he entered the gates of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Pretty much anything you can imagine incorporating chocolate into is here in the book, from truffles, princess cakes and fudge. There are also a few things you might not be quite so quick to imagine like white chocolate coated Tequila Chillies and Sherry Trifle Cups (pictured below).

The book provides the budding confectioner with some rather excellent advice about how to temper chocolate, how to store your chocolate treats and how to taste chocolate properly. It also has a perfectly retro vintage aesthetic, full of fabulous illustrations and delicious photography and is smattered with lots of amusing snippets of trivia, top tips and wonderfully flippant advice. I had to stifle a little giggle when reading about their suggested household uses for gin, to quote "Gin is excellent for making things vanish. Simply drink half a bottle and watch irritating husbands and children with maths homework disappear". I shall definitely remember that while whipping up a batch of Gin and Tonic Truffles.

Miss Hope's Chocolate Box is published by Ebury Press, RRP £12.99 and is currently available from Amazon for the rather tasty price of just £7.87


  1. Michelle, does the book insist you buy a candy thermometer and do all sorts of tempering for each recipe? Coz I'm lazy, see...

  2. Out of the 50 recipes about 15 require tempered chocolate but they do provide a super handy method for tempering chocolate that only requires a microwave and a few minutes of your time. Yay!


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