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Thursday 2 June 2011

Graham & Green Multi Shade Pendant Light

I confess: I have a really strange phobia. I'm scared of miniature things. It's unlikely you'll see me writing about dolls house furniture (I've been known to leave the room if dolls house anything is in there). It's a strange phobia, but I am trying to get over being such a wuss. Which means that I'm less creeped out by this multi lampshade pendant light than I expected. I think I might be distracted by the prettiness.

But it is pretty, isn't it? Even though the little bundle of mini shades altogether is creeping me out slightly, I'm sure some of you more normal readers will think it's lovely. I really like that you can change all the lights and make them different colours against the shades. Although changing the bulbs when they blow might be a bit of a pain.

It's not cheap, though. It's £310 from Graham & Green. Sounds cheaper when you see it as £35 per light. Not sure it'll help me get over my silly phobia, but I like it.


  1. I'm the opposite. I adore minuture things. I do have a bit a of weird thing about *clusters* though. And eggs. Eurgh...

    This lampshade doesn't fall into either of those categories and therefore I love it!


  2. i love this!! just seen it in my magazine. it pricey, thinking I could make one?!


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