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Monday 6 June 2011

Sluttishly Snug: Hush Nightwear

We last told you about our favourite nightwear way back in October, when the emphasis was on cosy and snuggly (and a little bit sexy too). Well, it's time to fold away your winter woolies and slip on some pyjamas that are soft, light, and perfect for warm summer nights.

'Cool sexy, not Page 3 sexy' is how Hush describe their nightwear, and I know exactly what they mean. You could strut around in these bed shorts on a Sunday morning feeling gorgeous but not worried about flashing the neighbours.

These tank vests are simple and loose-fitting, ideal for humid nights and for skipping to the corner shop in the morning for sausages and newspapers. They come in white, grey, putty and khaki. Like the shorts, they're £17.50.

If you're feeling fancy, and can wear a nightie without waking up with it tangled around your neck, then treat yourself to a silk one. Choose between black with an electric blue trim or antique pink. Nighties are £50.

Seen any naughty or nice nightwear recently?

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