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Thursday 2 June 2011

Hats off to Maria Hatling

I have something of an addiction to newsletters. I'm so fearful of missing out on the freshest and prettiest new products that I'm always filling in the sign up box on websites. The result? A continually flashing blackberry and an overflowing yahoo inbox that isn't read through as often as it should be. However, my eagerness to surrender my email address at the first shopping opportunity was finally and finely rewarded when I received an email from Maria Hatling, informing me that I'd won her monthly newsletter giveaway!

Of course this exciting news had me heading straight back to her website and I instantly remembered why I'd signed up in the first place. Her pieces are full of retro charm that would fit perfectly into a mid-century styled home (oh, and mine of course!). Take for example this Powder Room Girls print: it's stylish and feminine and I want it badly for my walls. It's in no way cheap - it costs £125 - but think of it of investing a future classic. Maria has a great design pedigree - if that colour palette reminds you of something it's probably because she worked in-house at Orla Kiely for six years.

That connection comes across even more in the patterns she uses on our cushions. This Orange and brown snail design was my giveaway prize. If you want to buy it, it (and all her cushions) cost £55.

Being a speccy sort, I love the pattern on this black and cream spectacles (I might use a pseudonym to sign up to the newsletter again and try and win it).

My grey sofa, meanwhile, is lusting after this yellow swan cushion.

Like what you see? My hot tip, then, is to remember to sign up for her newsletter and you could be lucky enough to win a piece of her work too. And, if you don't, do remember - as I've now vowed to myself - to check back in on the Gallery Bobbin site: there are sure to be plenty of delights in store.

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  1. Ah, excellent - more cushions to annoy the boyfriend with! Adore the specs and swans, super sweet.


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