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Thursday 2 June 2011

I wanna crayon you up: Colour Me Good

Okay, I'm jumping right on the current Domestic Sluttery love for the 80s (the 80s) bandwagon but I think I might have found the perfect thing for Sian to use to test out her brand new crayons. There's the possibility of a My Little Pony in there somewhere too for Kat's enjoyment. Ladies, I present to you I Love Mel's 80s Colour Me Good colouring book.

For £7, you can buy almost a decades worth of entertainment: trainers! Molly Ringwald! Phillip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher! Rollerskates! All there for you to lovingly colour in, using the crayons or fluro markers of your dreams.

The delights of the Colour Me Good range don't stop there (even the name makes me think fondly of bad childhood music and long for the day there's a 90s version), as Mel caters for every kind of nostalgic pop culture enthusiast. You can apply your artistic talents to record covers, London and even Kate Moss.

I'm actually going to spend my playtime with another of I Love Mel's treats, the Debbie Harry paper doll as I was never very good at colouring within the (parallel) lines.

By spending just £7 and studying the outfits of Ms Harry in such close proximity, I could have perhaps avoided a few years of Fergie Bows, cycling shorts and purple satin bomber jackets. I can't imagine exactly how bad my fashion choices would have got if a set of the Lady Gaga paper dolls had been to hand - pity those poor kids of today!


  1. I LOVE this website - a girl after my own heart! Thanks for introducing me to it!

  2. Frances, this is MINT! Thank you!

  3. Ah what a lovely write up! May I ask where you came across my stuff Frances... and THANK YOU!

  4. Hi Mel - no, thank you for the pop culture amazingness! I saw your things on a visit to Rough Trade East...


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