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Tuesday 7 June 2011

Pre-order the Domestic Sluttery Book!

It's taken months of behind-the-scenes Sluttery, weeks of scribbling and days and days of recipes testing (Siany alone went through almost 2 kilos of butter) but you can now pre-order the Domestic Sluttery book on Amazon! Hurrah! We're so excited. And also really really quite sleepy and in need of a stiff drink.

There's everything in there that you'd expect from us - a wonderful mix of exciting recipes, fashion tips and interiors ideas. And heaps of other surprises that we're not allowed to tell you about just yet. It's all original content - there's no content lifted directly from the blog (that wouldn't be cool of us at all).

The release date is November 7th, and the hardback edition is just £14.99. We're so excited that we're actually looking forward to rainy days and shivery nights so you can actually see it!

Psst... want something new and exciting in the meantime? (November is aaaages away, after all.) We've also launched Domestic Sluttery on the Side - a Tumblr for all of our inspiration and things we find along our way. Hop over there for loads more pretty.


  1. Looking forward to the book! Love your tumblr idea but have you checked out pinterest? You might find it another cool way of sharing inspiration!

  2. We can't do all of them, we'd never find time to write! I like Pinterest, but I don't use it. Tumblr seems to appeal more for me.


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